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Major update!

UltimaLegacy / Jun 04, 2014

Server is now v2.1.8

Just type /play to start playing!!
/cofh friend -----> has been enabled
EnderQuarries ------> restricted to nether!
Note: Use /home to return to your island!

Do not use /play if you live in the old worlds!

Player shop has been replaced with player market!
This will ensure that the stuff player sells can NEVER be stolen/griefed!
/market listings ---> opens list that shows what items are for sale
/market mail ----> collect money u got from selling stuff/collect stuff u bought
/market create (price) (amount) ----> Puts the item you are holding for sale on market!

Server is now v2.1.7

Fixed biome issue!



Islands got a MINOR facelift!(Added a small tree farm platform!)

Sell diamond blocks at /warp trade for ingame cash!

Purchase creative builder wand at /warp trade!

All existing islands will REMAIN, however you must /sethome at it instead, as using /island will create a new island and wipe inv!

For players interested in moving to the new sexy island, store all your stuff in a chest, type /spawn, then type /island,

you can then tp /home to bring your stuff over to the new glorious world!

/island usage has been DISABLED in the old world, to prevent players from "accidentally" wiping their inv ;)

Moving to the new world is NOT required! You can still live in the old worlds!



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