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Rules & Guidelines for In-game
All rules are subject to change, no notifications will be given out.
It is up to everyone to keep themselves updated.

Griefing: Incase there are those who do not know the meaning of this there will be many explanations;
-Breaking any blocks that were not placed by you, even if in an unclaimed area, as small as someone's left Macerator, us as staff will still see this as a griefing offense and you will get jailed.
-Breaking blocks in other people's claims/finding a way around their claim to get what you want.
-Using tools that you know bypass any claims, Instead of using it to your advantage REPORT it to Staff members by posting in forums under "report a player"
-Placing blocks in peoples areas, messing up their surroundings out of their claim, though this isn't in their claim it is still considered griefing and you will be punished if the claimed habitant reports it.
-Placing any kind of blocks in server property or other peoples claims without permission is considered grief.
-Breaking blocks in a claimed area that you are trusted in WITHOUT PERMISSION. If the person who owns the claim tells you to stop breaking a block, then listen and STOP.
-Following someone with a Coin of Fortune while they're in a cave mining ores/blocks counts as Griefing and Stealing and will not be tolerated, if found doing so or reported doing so will result in the Coin being confiscated and you will be issued a jailing.
-Manually or automatically removing items from unlocked ender chests is considered stealing.
-Stealing from any unlocked chests, claimed or not, is considered griefing and stealing.
-Stacking quarries on another user’s quarry is considered griefing.

Hacking/Cheating: Doing any of this will not be tolerated and will result in a ban if caught.
-Use of Hacked Clients to gain advantage over other players will result in you being banned if caught.
-Using Xray Texture Packs or Mods is NOT ALLOWED.
-Using auto clickers is also not allowed and provides grounds for a ban.

-Anyone found using ways to duplicate their items in any way will be jailed if found.
-Anyone taking advantage of someone elses dupes will also be jailed if caught as well as the duper being punished, If you ever find or see someone duping then REPORT IT to ADMINS via PMS.
-If you ever find ways to duplicate items, even if by a mistake make sure to REPORT IT immediately, If found that you took advantage of it BEFORE reporting then you will get the items confiscated as well as being jailed.

-General harassing in either PM's or public chat to other players will NOT be tolerated and the one doing so will be muted/jailed if repeated after warnings.
-Harassing someone by placing signs to avoid being seen by the chat will also come with the same consequences, EVEN if meant in a joking way there may be someone that takes it offensively.
-Sexual harassment or actions will not be tolerated, if you feel someone is acting/talking inappropriately towards you then REPORT them immediately and they will be dealt with, this includes with the use of signs.
-Harassing in a physical way, like constantly being in someones face while they're trying to build is also not tolerated, if you are told to move away then do so, ignorance will cause punishment.
-Threats of any form will not be tolerated, these can include saying things like 'I will get an Admin to ban you if you don't trust me' or death threats of the likes. If found doing so of any of these will either result in a long jail or a ban depending on the threat.
-If requested to leave another users claim, do so or you will be removed forcefully with possible jail time on the staff’s own accord.

Chat Guidelines:
-Language in moderation is tolerated, but do not use language in excess. Mutings will be given out if you persist after staff have talked to you.
-Subjects such as sex, drugs, and alcohol are not to be seen in the public chat and if staff feel that the chat in private messages is overly inappropriate they may ask you to stop speaking like that as a warning. Further communications of such subjects will result in mutings and if needed, more severe punishments.
-Other languages than english are allowed to an extent being that we are mostly an english speaking server. We would prefer other languages over private messages and in some cases if loading the chat with another language you may be asked to take the conversation to a private message.
-Racism is not tolerated, any such chat anywhere on the server will result in a permanent ban. There are no exceptions, this includes but is not limited to race, gender, creed, color, ancestry, or ethnic origin.
-The use of any racist dialogue will always be interpreted as racism by staff members, no matter how it is interpreted by individual players. Use of the n-word is strictly forbidden.

Spamming: This includes saying word after word on the chat when you could have said it all in one sentence, any form of flooding the chat is not allowed.
-When a server gets a hiccup it is not necessary for everyone to be spamming the chat with 'Lag, Lag, Lag, Lag' If seen saying it you will be issued a mute.
-Constantly sending the same message over and over to get attention will not be tolerated and will result in a mute, this includes PMs.
-Constantly sending a /tpa request to someone is counted as spamming and flooding the chat, once reported you will be jailed.

-No advertising any other servers/websites in the general chat while playing on this server, any seen doing so will result in an instant ban. This also includes placing signs around saying about other servers etc and no saying IP's of other servers. We will allow it if you PM only one person about it, but if seen that you're messaging a lot of players with another servers IP then you will be banned for it.

-Since we have no control over what you use as your skin, any and all people who have offensive skins will be jailed until it is changed. This includes but is not limited to; nude skins and racist skins.
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